Total Solar Solutions is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retalier and Accredited Installer. Total Solar Solutions is also a direct trusted partner of LG Australia, and is a highly rated Word of Mouth 5 star reviewed company. 

A high-tech, top of the range hybrid LG/SolarEdge solar system with automatic back-up power functionality for grid down emergencies.

VICTORIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY (must be within 3hrs drive from Melbourne)

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Solar just does not get any better than when you combine the highest quality, longest lasting LG solar panels with a top of the range SolarEdge "StorEdge" hybrid Back-Up inverter with DC Power Optimisers, a system which out-performs any other inverter solution on the market today, coupled with a large capacity, high performance LG CHEM RESU 10HV Battery (9.3kWh usable storage).

If you are a prepper and like the idea of having back-up power in your home if the grid fails (whether temporarily or for extended periods), and also like the idea of saving a ton of money off your power bills, then you simply must get in contact with Total Solar Solutions who use their own highly qualified in-house electricians and installers.   Many "hybrid" solar systems only provide you with self consumption ability and will not in fact provide back-up power during black-outs.  The SolarEdge system does in fact provide back-up power within a second of the grid failing, so you can continue to use your lights, fridges, tv's, internet and other essential appliances while everyone else remains in the dark.

Your high-end hybrid LG/SolarEdge solar system can even be 100% financed from as little as $50 a week. All solar purchases come with a free 84-Serve Bucket of Wise Food storable food.  So if you are interested in stepping up your disaster preparedness by equipping your home with the most high-tech hybrid solar system on the market that will provide back-up power during grid down scenerios, or even if you would just like to have a high quality non-hybrid solar system to reduce your power bills, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted soon, otherwise:

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