Everlasting Foods has partnered with America's premium long term storable food manufacturer "Wise Company" to bring Australian's the finest and most economical solution to your food storage requirements.  

Made with quality ingredients, Wise Company freeze dried and dehydrated foods are packaged in Mylar pouches and flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen content.  Packed into durable polyurethane tubs that stack neatly in compact spaces, Wise Company foods have been shown to have a shelf life of 25 years and beyond given the right storage conditions.

100% vegetarian, delicious and healthy meals, choose wise for your storable food needs.

Don't be caught unprepared when disaster strikes. You need to have access to / or a supply of clean drinking water, and you need to have good food you can eat when all else fails. Disaster can strike at any time, and can come at us from many angles.

Your concern might be for a natural disaster like the floods that struck Queensland in 2011, leaving devastation in its wake, and seeing several communities stranded and isolated requiring airlifts of food, yes that's right food items to families. Or an event like Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005 killing over 1800 people. FEMA was unable to handle the response.  It was reported that many people went without food for over a week, and those who relied on the government for food and shelter were effectively locked up in the SuperDome where people were robbed, beaten, and women raped.

A side by side comparison with other "storable" foods!

The 4 cans shown in this picture contain the same amount of calories and comparable nutrient levels as just one of the 4 serve packets, the “Cheesy Lasanga” in this case being shown side by side with the 4 cans of food to demonstrate the size difference. The 84 serve Bucket shown contains 21 such packets.

Just one 84 serve bucket takes up about 32 litres of space, and weighs less than 7 kgs.  The 84 cans of food you would need to provide the same calorie/nutrient levels would take up about 70 litres of space and weigh 53 kgs.  So, the 84 serve bucket takes up less than half the space and weighs less than 1/8th the weight of 84 cans, an important factor when space is limited and convenient portability is desirable.

While you can purchase the 84 cans for about $210 (if you buy them when on special), they typically have a shelf life of about 2 to 3 years. Whilst you can keep them for perhaps up to 4 years, the inside can lining can become toxic after extended periods.  So if you were to replace the cans even after 4 years, then over a 25 year period you would have spent more than $1,300 (significantly more if you take into account inflation).  The 25 year shelf life of the 84 serve bucket, at just $290 makes much more sense, both in terms of value and convenience. 

History demonstrates time and time again that wise individuals, families, groups, tribes, armies and even nations that make a practice of keeping quantities of storable (non-spoilable) foods are vindicated, justified and applauded in their actions.  In ancient Egypt, there happened an event that history record's, historians verify, and the Bible describes when a man named Joseph, knowing a great famine was to come, had the wisdom and foresight to store up grain enough to keep an entire nation nourished for more than 7 years.  During the draught/famine that did in fact come, millions would have starved to death if it were not for the food stored away.

Historians and researchers have also recorded countless times throughout history, when cities were under siege, and lacking sufficient food the peoples under siege (no matter the location, ethnicity or religion of the people) would within 2 weeks resort to cannibalism, eating first their own children, and then themselves.  Modern examples also prove the same, for example when flight 571 crashed in the mountains of the Andes in 1972, the surviving passengers, not being rescued and not having any food, ate other people to survive.  There are so many historical reasons why everyone should have a good store of food, and since history tends to repeat itself, do not think for a second that in these modern times you are free from having to be responsible for your own survival. 

Look back to the world wars of the 20th century.  Remember reading about the food shortages, the food rationing, and the exponential rise in the cost of foods.  In fact, the cost of food can become so unaffordable for many families during a disaster, you might be forced to beg or starve.  During the Great Depression of the 1930's, over 7 Million people died in the US from starvation, or malnutrition related disease, even when half the population was considered self sufficient. How many will starve to death when a total financial collapse occurs now that less than 2% of the population can grow their own food?

With the very real and credible threat of a collapse in the US dollar coming soon as the federal reserve keeps printing money, the repercussions will be felt world wide and may lead to a global economic and financial disaster of the likes we have not seen in a hundred years.  This very real threat in and of itself could also be the trigger for a global war (history repeating itself when powerful nations are in financial trouble, they tend to go to war).  In fact, there is growing tension as China grows in power, and Russia is being surrounded by NATO and being pushed into a corner, many leading analysts like Lyndon LaRouche, Gerald Celente, Ray McGovern and many more are warning that we are on the brink of a nuclear world war III that could wipe out billions of people.

We also hear credible warnings of a coming EMP (or a coronal mass ejection from the sun) that could instantly wipe out every electrical grid, computer circuits, telecommunications, basically all the technology we have come to rely upon so heavily. In 1859, there was a solar storm that came to be known as the Carrington Event.  The EMP from the sun literally melted the telegraph infrastructure.  If an EMP of the same magnitude happened today, we would be sent back to the stone age overnight, and there would be utter chaos.

There are many potential threats facing us in the near future, and we should take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is buy quality storable foods.  You cannot rely on the government to save you, in fact as events in the USA and elsewhere prove, often the government can be your worst enemy.  You cannot rely on your friends to provide for you, since they themselves may not be prepared, or else if they are, it is not fair that you put them into a situation where they might very well have to turn you down, in order to save what little they have for themselves.  You MUST prepare for yourself.  Buy storable food now before it is too late.

We at Everlasting Foods believe that the purchase of long term storable food is the most important insurance policy you could ever purchase.  Most people pay many thousands of dollars every year to insure their cars, their home and contents, to buy health and life insurance etc..  So why do we all spend so much on insurance year after year?  Simply put, it is because we do not know the future, we just don't know what will happen.  We all hope for the best, but we plan for the worst, that is why we all buy insurance, JUST IN CASE!  

When you purchase long term storable food for yourself, your family and your loved ones, you recognise that, just like purchasing any other insurance policy, you want to be prepared not matter what may come, and whilst receiving a monetary dividend from an insurance payout is great when you need it, it is not really so much as a life and death matter as having access to good food when you need it.