History has proven time and time again that severe food shortages can happen, and will happen, often when you are least prepared.  Whether it is caused by war, drought, blight, pandemic or a number of other reasons, if the supermarket store shelves are empty, will you be able to feed yourself and your loved ones?

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, over 7 Million people died in the US from starvation, or malnutrition related disease, even when half the population was considered self sufficient. How many will starve to death when a total financial collapse occurs now that less than 2% of the population can grow their own food? 

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters can strike at any time and leave you battling for survival. In the aftermath of such events, it is important to have on hand a safe and reliable source of food and water as you never know if or when help may arrive! You pay thousands to ensure your car/house, why not buy food insurance you can eat?

Economic Collapse

Food Shortages